Organic Fertilizer Dealers Near Me
Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer Dealers Near Me

  • November 18, 2021

Due to poor fertilizer application seasons in 2019, inventories are over-supplied, and prices are near historic lows.“Everything’s a buy right now, from a historical perspective,” said Jake Niederer, Director of ADM Farm Direct Fertilizer, in his January call.We join Niederer and three members of his ADM fertilizer team as they discuss the growing popularity of this option:.Here are highlights of our conversation with Niederer and ADM fertilizer representatives Troy Eikenberry, Dale Jackson, and Zach Jans.We spend a lot of time studying the supply and demand around grain, which ultimately drives the consumption of fertilizer.Each nutrient is used in different regions of the world at different times of year, so our network of suppliers, distributors, and customers allows us to do price discovery on a daily basis.Jackson: You have to respect the global market trend, but also overlay it with a local point of view.If we know 10 local fertilizer dealers have full sheds, it’s probably not as important for you to step in and lock in a price.Jans: We specialize in dry fertilizer—nitrogen, potash, and phosphate—but we do move anhydrous ammonia if a farmer has the high-pressure bullet that’s required to receive delivery.We can offer more complex formulas such as NPSZ and 0-45-0, and micronutrients like zinc, boron, sulfur, or nitrogen inhibitors.If you can see that the last five years, UAN is trending low in October, as opposed to June-July, that begins to build your point of view.We’ll help you put in any storage, equipment, or transportation costs for getting the product from an ADM terminal and spreading it yourself.That way, you get a full transparent picture of value to the farm and a real sense of what it’s going to cost to jump into the market.The thing I like about the calculator Zach mentioned is that it can help look for margin opportunities with grain sales.It helps shift your mentality: Quit trying to buy the low of fertilizer and sell the high on grain, but lock in the widest margin.Jans: The capabilities of blending, along with the logistics strength ADM offers, has allowed fast growth in my territory of eastern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and western Illinois. .

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